Old Reliable by Angelo Marcialis
photo: copyright Angelo Marcialis Photography
  • Provide affordable farmland and infrastructure to organic and bio-dynamic farmers who couldn’t otherwise afford to farm
  • Promote and nurture a cooperative culture among farmers, the community, and the investors
  • Seek to make environmentally healthy farming practices viable and sustainable by providing technical and financial support to farmers
  • Promote equitable and inclusive farm labor practices and pursue creative ways to provide economic opportunities for farmworkers
  • Support efforts to address food insecurity locally and in the region
  • Promote education, dialogue, knowledge-sharing and networking with others
  • Promote equity and diversity in the food system
  • Pursue long-term, strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations and individuals
  • Work in alignment with the greater local and regional community to create innovative approaches to economic development in Chester
  • Work toward making the LLC financially viable, by developing the project thoughtfully over time, with the involvement of all stakeholders

~ from the Ralph E. Ogden Foundation